We recognize that the success of Golibe festival will depend largely on the security of lives and property in Onitsha and in the events arena. We are happy to report that since the abolition of the commercial bike riders aka Okada in the second quarter of 2018 and installation of street lights along key roads within Enu Onitsha by the State Government, Onitsha and environs have been peaceful with very low crime rates recorded.

To further improve this situation during the festive season, Golibe Festival security committee with the strong support of Anambra State Government and Onitsha North Local Government is putting in place strategic and tactical security measures to ensure that our people and visitors are free to move about any time of the day and night without worry.

There will be a strong presence of members the security forces led by the Nigerian Police Force deployed by geo-fencing within and around Onitsha throughout the period. They will be supported by the local vigilante groups. A toll free Emergency Response Hotline will be activated and response shall be within 4 minutes once emergency is triggered.

The street lights will be extended to other strategic roads for the festival as part of the security improvement measures. There will be adequate lighting within and around the venues including the parking areas to ensure that the venues are properly illuminated at night. CCTV cameras will be deployed in and around the venues for 24 hours surveillance. These will be powered by standby generators so no outage is experienced.

Specific security, access control and crowd control measures will be deployed within and around the festival arenas. In addition to the presence of the Nigerian Police Force, bouncers and other security personnel, there will be a bomb detection and disposal team. All visitors, crew members and ground staff will be screened at the entrance gates before access is granted. No guns, knives or other forms of weapons will be allowed into the grounds.

Children below 16 years will not be allowed into or out of the event arena without the company of their parents or designated guardians. A geo-fencing real-time child locating facility is being considered for deployment in the arena. Parents interested in accessing this facility should kindly contact the secretariat in advance using the enquiry button.

Emergency Response.

All the venues shall have well designated emergency exits and muster points. Designated parking lots will be provided away from the arenas. Conveniences will be provided at strategic points within the arenas.

Golibe Festival will partner with hospitals in Onitsha to provide emergency response care at the festival venue and post evacuation management of patients. There will be a standby Mobile Intensive Care Unit (ICU) fully manned by qualified medical personnel at the arena throughout the festival period and at strategic positions along the route of the carnival parade on the Carnival day. They shall provide first response care to anyone needing first aid and evacuate to the partnering hospitals for further management of the incident person.

Members of the fire service and their mobile fire fighting equipment will be on ground to deal with any fire emergency.

Drug abuse and Rape

At Golibe Festival we don’t just say no to drugs and rape, we enforce it! The Golibe Festival grounds are designated “drug and rape free zones”. Members of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) will be on ground to screen and arrest anyone found to be in possession, under the influence or in the act of illicit drugs and substance abuse within and around the premises. All visitors, venue staff and crew members will be screened for drugs and substance abuse. No drugs, food, drinks, containers or cigarettes will be allowed into the venue grounds. Only drugs with verifiable doctors prescription will be allowed. Food and Drinks will be sold within the grounds by our registered vendors.

We view rape and any form of molestation or harassment seriously and will take serious steps to prevent and discourage it. There will be adequate security personnel on ground and lighting within the grounds and roads to the venues to deter any incident of rape. Consensual sex within the grounds will not be tolerated. 24 hours CCTV surveillance will be operational. Security operatives will also be on patrol around strategic routes. Any offender caught will be arrested and prosecuted.

A toll free Emergency Response Hotline will be activated and response shall be within 4 minutes once emergency is triggered.

Please do not come to the Golibe Festival grounds with any illicit drugs or negative intentions. You will be arrested and prosecuted!

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