13/11/2019 PRESS RELEASE!!! – GOLIBE FESTIVAL ANNOUNCES SPONSORSHIP DEAL WITH NESTLÉ’S MAGGI GROUP. The Golibe Festival Team are glad to announce that the Nestlé under

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“An esoteric region from which creativity sallies forth at will to manifest itself” and the home to one of the oldest and greatest culture in

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In Igbo mystical and mythical culture, masquerades play a central and pivotal role. As the agent/mouthpiece/spokesman between ancestors and their descendants, masquerades serve as a

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In pre colonial and some parts of colonial and post colonial Nigeria, it was not unusual to come across Matriarchal societies. Some societies maintained a

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Ika Umatu

The Umatu is a corn festival whose celebration marks the beginning of the harvest period, the season of bountiful and the end of the famine

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Egwú Edo

Egwú Edo!!! A cultural dance group whose members are exclusively Onitsha women. Tracing part of its origins to the Ugedo dance of the people of

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